Yarn Bombing : Cold Comfort at the Schuylkill Center
Teaparties and Playdates
By Julia
Published: 02/21/2012

We've been watching Melissa Maddonni Haims's installation of Cold Comfort take shape over the last couple weeks at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. I love yarnbombing.  The kids do, too.  There have been some great patches of this downtown and a couple around our neighborhood.  It is so fun to see something handmade (and colorful) like this crop up on parking meters, telephone poles, and bike racks.  But in the woods?  It is magical.

It's been amazing to watch her progress.  Tree by tree.  We ran into her one afternoon as she was wrapping up and the kids were fascinated.  We were able to see one of the 'sweaters' all rolled up and ready to go before it was stitched onto a tree.  It was massive. She told us she was aiming to do 30 trees.  30 trees!  It's like a fairy tale forest.

They are just incredible.  One more thing to make me want to crochet.  Or knit.  Or do something with yarn. And to watch which ones the kids were drawn to. (It looks like recycled plastic bags were mixed into that one)...So cool.