heaven + hell

A two year long knitting and crochet project where I created my vision of what heaven and hell would feel like. With yarn. 

After my mother was given 10 days to live, she asked me to finish a scarf for her best friend that she had started, but due to the debilitating effects of breast and brain cancer, she could not finish. This was the beginning of the end of all of her unfinished knitting projects. I sat by her side for the last 14 days of her life completing projects she had not, could not.

When she passed, I could not stop. I finished every project I could find, scarves, mostly, but some afghans, some booties. Until I came to one that I could not. And that is when I began to create my own work out of knitted and crocheted yarn. 

For the next two years I would crochet and knit furiously day after day creating the only place I thought she could “be”. This place had to be soft and beautiful. It had to be warm and comfortable. And what I created was my own perception of heaven.